The Ampal Creative


- Wool Blend Upper
- Vtg. Style Printed Felt Patch
- Unstructured Vtg. Style Crushable Upper
- Deadstock Bedford Cloth Underbrim / Front Lining


    The Lone Surfer - alone but never lonely.

    Like the Don't Think Twice patch, this one has a lot of influences.  The original Surfer Magazine "Murphy" grom by a young Rick Griffin.  The idea of a "lone wolf" out in the water, conceptualized through the classic hot rod wolf, which may have originally been a Roth or Roberts design, but like all classics has been bastardized over time.  There was also a play on the Jack Nietzsche "The Lonely Surfer" element, but thats going to be its own hat.  Shout out to J.Brother who identified the classic red board iconography's roots with Eddie Aikau, must have been so deep down the rabbit hole of my mind, that I failed to connect that dot...


    Made in Los Angeles, CA. USA

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