Fúchila Fresheners

Fúchila Air Freshener - Calavera

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Scent: Cinnamon. Smells like the Hot Tamale candy.

Sugar skulls are typically made during Dia de Los Muertos to commemorate our loved ones who have passed. You can celebrate your familia everyday with this calavera hanging from your rear view.

Fü•chē•lä (noun): Spanish phrase used when something smells bad.

Órale! So you decided to join the Fúchila Familia? Bueno, first and foremost, Fúchila is based on great design and making people happy. Through scent and design, Fúchila strives to bring back the fond memories of our childhood by featuring the iconic figures and imagery we grew up with. Fúchila Fresheners not only look and smell great, but can hang with orgullo from your mirror even long after the smell has faded. No gas station air fresheners ni que nada!

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