The Rider Journal (3 Pack)

Word. Notebooks

Created in collaboration with Iron & Resin, The Rider Journal is inspired by classic motorcycle maintenance manuals from years gone by. The old manuals, made by the likes of BSA and Norton Motors Limited, were prized by bike owners unafraid of getting their hands greasy. The logs included sections for a rider to document the work done on their bike and the trips taken with it. The Rider Journal is a modern interpretation of those revered handbooks.

Composed of two distinct sections‰Û_a Ride Log and a Build Log‰Û_The Rider Journal allows you to chronicle the life of your bike. The epic rides. The late-night tinkering. You can document it all. Then, years from now, when your bike is on its last legs, The Rider Journal allows you to look back on all the adventures and hard work. So, before your next ride, make sure The Rider Journal is waiting in a workbench drawer for when you get back.

44-Page Ride Log
4-Page Build Log
Maintenance Log Back Cover
Made in the USA

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