The Atwood

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The Atwood is inspired by extenders made popular the 1920's, originally used to extend past the brim of a hat.  Our modern interpretation pays homage to the past but adapted to hold pre-rolls to avoid odour being transferred to the hand and to enhance the experience.

Product Information

  • Materials: Wood / Solid Brass
  • Features: Protects fingers from the smell, threaded to hold pre-rolls firmly in place
  • Tips / Instructions: (To assemble) Twist pre-roll clockwise until firm in place (do not over tighten). (To disassemble) Twist pre-roll counter-clockwise until free. Atwood disassembles for easy cleaning. 
  • Clean / Care: Unthread tip once cool and clean with a damp cloth.  Hand wipe wood exterior.  Use a pipe cleaner for cleaning the interior.  Wood will patina over time.
  • Warning: Brass will be hot during and shortly after use. Wait until cool before touching. Underage sale prohibited.

Product Dimensions L x W x H (1cm x 1cm x 7cm) 

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